Welcome to the Sambells Global Consulting website.

Professional Engineer, Harry Sambells, is founder of Sambells Global Consulting and specializes in all aspects of Project Execution and Management.  With over 40 years of experience, my career has been varied from a professional civil engineer, project engineer, project manager and project director to a senior executive leading a large oil and gas consulting organization.  More recently my activities have involved:

  • developing project executions strategies
  • delivering contract management ‘boot camps’
  • advising in risk evaluations
  • conducting claims review analysis
  • providing training and workshops to industry and lecturing at the University of Calgary
  • advising senior executives about execution of their projects.
  • assisting an international equipment manufacturer in  business development and marketing activities in Canada

My exciting 40 year career has provided me both domestic and international experience in executing projects from the frozen landscapes of Northern Canada to the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the jungles of Venezuela.  The ‘lessons learned’ from developing and executing major complex projects involving mining, oil and gas, power and infrastructure facilities are the key insights we provide to our clients, whether students in the classroom or executives in the boardroom.  Why must we continually repeat the same mistakes and ‘not learn the lessons’?  The consulting industry and operating companies deserve greater success.  As a consultant or contractor you owe it to your clients and as an owner you owe to you shareholders to deliver success!

Sambells Global Consulting’s diverse experience provides the necessary tools used to improve project execution, the training and workshops to share some of the invaluable ‘lessons learned’ and exemplary professional guidance to achieve more success in your execution of projects.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the Services or Training skills of Sambells Global Consulting.  We look forward to hearing from you or your organization.

Harry has… exceptional communication, teaching and mentoring skills…  40 years of technical and practical experience assisted us in understanding our challenges and opportunities…  considerate and is a careful and respectful listener and well as a methodical explainer…  as a project manager and responsible executive he has represented both service providers and clients and has deep insight and perspective as to their respective concerns and motivations…                                                                        Bob S.  – Senior Oil Executive

Harry’s engineering management experience, teaching and mentoring skills were proven time after time through his teachings of the Engineering Management module with continuous “excellent” ratings from the students…                                                Gustavo L.  – Senior Executive Engineering

Harry is knowledgeable in the areas that make projects successful; project management, commercial, contract and risk management…  a patient listener, ability to lead discussions and able to collaboratively mold discussions to converge ideas…  effective mentor…  insightful and understands technical, commercial, and business issues together… knowledgeable in upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas, power generation, transmission and distribution both nationally and globally…                     Shree K. – Senior Engineering Commercial Director