Sambells Global Consulting has direct experience with the business side of consulting engineering as well as executing projects as a reimbursable and lump sum construction contractor.  This allow for unique insight into how both spectrums approach the execution of the project to provide success for each of their organizations.  Often organizations are on ‘opposite sides of the table’ and their interests are not aligned for the overall success of the project.  The following are the key Services provided by Sambells Global Consulting as a Project Management Consultant.

Project Execution Strategies

Establishing or reviewing strategies that best fit the market place and consider other outside influences so that your project can be executed with success. This may involve examining:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Project Readiness
  • Project Development Processes and related ‘gated process’
  • Project Development Plan if developed including engineering, procurement and construction execution,
  • Contract execution approaches/strategies including EP, EPCm, EPC (Reimbursable, Fixed Fee, Lump Sum, Target Price or Converted Lump Sum) or variations thereof.

Sambells Global Consulting prepares an overall report which is then presented to the Project Team and Company Executives outlining the results of the analysis and specifically identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the various strategies and high level management risk analysis.   Finally, recommendations are provided for the best execution methodology considering all established influences in place in your organization and the current market setting to achieve success.

Project Readiness Reviews

Purpose of this review is to conduct an independent review of your project and the teams preparedness to execute the project during each stage of project development.  Sambells Global Consulting asks the following questions:

  • Does the company have processes in-place?
  • Are they the right processes?
  • Are they communicated?
  • Do you have the right team doing the right things?
  • Are the approaches/strategies understood by all shareholders, including safety, health, environment, engineering, procurement, construction, contracts, operation, maintenance, turnover, start-up etc.?

Each area will be examined through interviews with the key team members, reviewing existing documentation and conducting roundtable discussions to test the team and their readiness to move to the next stage in execution of your project.

Risk Reviews

Having being involved in many Risk Reviews including both Cost and Schedule at the project and executive levels for major corporations, Sambells Global Consulting provides objective ‘third person’ input to allow your project team to obtain an independent analysis of the risks to the project (both internal and external).  Working with your in-house risk personnel or independent Risk Consultants, this ‘cold-eyes’ review can be beneficial as it provides the clarity and wisdom of four decades worth of  engineering, procurement and construction business in the oil and gas, mining, power and infrastructure industries.

Contract Management

With the insight of how both consultants and contractors approach their project construction management and execution, Sambells Global Consulting provides objective ‘third person’ input to allow your project team to understand the contract in engineering and execution terms to minimize the risk to your organization.  Lawyers and Contract Administrators are essential in establishing a ‘good contract’ but the management of the contract is left to your project team, who may be ill-equipped to ensure your organizations best interests are defended and kept in the forefront of execution.  What do those legal terms mean to your project team and their success?  We have found that many project team members never read the contract and blindly delve into the execution without understanding that their actions may jeopardize your position in securing the best advantages for your organization.  These half-day or full day presentations help to educate and inform all relevant parties in your team of the pitfalls in construction contract management.

Sambells Global Consulting conducts interviews with your key team members, reviews the contracts, meets with your lawyers and then prepares a factual ‘engineering’ interpretation of the contract with insight of where the risks lie during execution that might affect both schedule and costs.  A presentation is prepared which is reviewed by the lawyers and Project Director prior to presentation to the project team and key executives of the company.  Ensuring all members are ‘on the same page’ assists in a more effective and successful execution of the key contracts for your project.


Sambells Global Consulting provides customized training modules for your project, engineering or contract teams to enhance their knowledge and ability to manage critical aspects of their work.  This training service is fully expanded in the Training tab of this website.