Below are examples of Training Modules, Workshops, Lectures, Keynotes and other presentations prepared and delivered by Sambells Global Consulting.  If you require further details about any of these presentations please Contact us.

Sambells Global Consulting has been engaged by several international oil companies, engineering and construction companies, the University of Calgary and other organizations to provide training, lectures or presentations for a variety of project and business related areas such as;

  • The Dreaded Presentation
  • Contract 101 Boot Camp
  • Project Execution Workshop
  • Project Management Module
  • Engineering Management Module
  • Construction Management Module
  • Contract Strategies
  • Engineering Management Lecture
  • Financing Mega Projects Lecture
  • Keynote Address
  • Leadership
  • Artificial Intelligence  – Engineering and Construction

The following are excerpts of the presentations and demonstrate the wide range of topics  covered by Sambells Global Consulting and our approach used in delivering the material or messages.

The Dreaded Presentation has been presented to engineering organizations, operating companies and contractors to better prepare individuals for delivering an effective presentation.  We all know what a presentation should not be, but what are the key items to prepare and deliver a meaningful and truly effective presentation?  This one hour presentation provides the best methods to assure your success and minimize the dread in public speaking.  The Dreaded Presentation by SGC

Contract 101 Boot Camp is typically a half-day session provided to the key members of any project team about the critical contractual terms and the risks associated with major construction contracts.  Sambells Global Consulting has been fortunate to be on ‘both sides of the table’ with the experience as a consultant/owner, as well as a construction contractor having to execute the contract on behalf of the consultant/owner.  Minimizing the risk is the key message in the session and understanding the impact poor management has upon the engineer or owner or construction contractor.  The session is customized to meet the needs of the client to address key issues in your specific contract.  Contract 101 Boot Camp by SGC

The Project Execution Workshop is usually conducted over a two-day period and involves a presentation and interactive planning or workshop session to address key issues in your organization about Project Execution.  Various brainstorming and workshop techniques are used to highlight the top concerns and solutions identified by the team to address these issues.  The Workshop is customized to your specific needs and provides an opportunity to focus the planning sessions on key problems areas in the delivery of your capital projects as an engineer, owner or contractor.  Project Execution Workshop by SGC

Project Management Module is a two-day module used to assist companies in developing or reviewing current systems and processes to deliver effective execution of projects.  The Module outline attached below is for the delivery of smaller capital projects.  Sambells Global Consulting will customize the Module to address specific Project Management or Project Delivery issues within your organization so that the training can be more effective for specific issues facing the organization, whether for small or large projects.  The slides presented in the link outline the key elements presented during the session and be customized to address more specific issues of the organization or company.  Project Management Module by SGC

The Engineering Management Module is delivered over a two-day period and involves lecturing on 18 topics from the Engineering Contractor’s Approach to Business to the steps in Execution of Engineering to Managing Small Projects to Project Closeout and also executes 3-4 workshops involving fictional companies and various aspects of engineering management.   Examples of the Agenda can be found here:  Engineering Management Module by SGC

Construction Management Module is a two-day module that is presented to key members of your project team or as a supplemental module to a larger Project Management program that an owner or other contracting organization (government agency, municipal government, Crown Corporation etc.), might have developed.  The objectives of the session are to provide the participants the basics of how construction projects progress and are managed, what type of contract administration issues are encountered and finally to improve overall success of construction projects.  The module can be customized by Sambells Global Consulting to adjust to the specific issues of the organization or company.  Examples of the Agenda can be found here:  Construction Management Module by SGC

The Contract Strategies presentation was prepared for key senior executives of a foreign-owned oil company.  The training session outlined various strategies that can be used for execution of projects and the comments provided during the presentation outlined strategies that are most appropriate for the Canadian market (and especially Fort McMurray oil sand market).  Many foreign-owned companies struggle with the fact that few contractors in northern Alberta are _’true’_ EPC Lump Sum, and have difficulties appreciating the issues surrounding the market and availability of contractors to provide these services, which attract considerable execution and hence commercial risks.  Contract Strategies by SGC

The Engineering Management Lecture is a lecture delivered by Sambells Global Consulting to a third year Engineering Class at the University of Calgary regarding various key aspects of Engineering Management.  The file below simply shows the topics covered at a very high level.  UoC Engineering Management Lecture by SGC

Financing Capital Projects was a lecture given to graduate students at the University of Calgary.  The approach used by Sambells Global Consulting emphasizes the elements of a project that are needed so the right parameters are considered when undertaking financial modelling.  It is an approach that is often missing from major projects that are brought forward to the senior executives for approval, and proves very popular among advanced engineering students.  Financing Capital Projects Lecture by SGC

Keynote Address is a presentation made by Sambells Global Consulting to a major western Canadian construction contractor.  The Keynote Address outlined the Engineers Weakest Links, describes A Project That Was a Perfect Union of Engineer and Contractor and some Thoughts Going Forward.  Again, having been on ‘both sides of the table’, Sambells Global Consulting was able to deliver a message to the contractor from a consultant’s perspective.  Keynote Address by SGC 

Leadership is a presentation made by Sambells Global Consulting at the University of Calgary, Schulich School of Engineering, Engineering Leadership Conference.  It is titled “45 Years – Oh the Lessons Learned and Unlearned” and summarizes my thoughts on Leadership and Management – what works and what doesn’t work and what the upcoming issues are that the students face today upon graduation.  Leadership Transformation and Adaptation are the most important elements today.   UofC Leadership Conference – Oh the Lessons Learned and Unlearned

Artificial Intelligence is a daunting topic and even more so as it is applied to the engineering and construction industry.  Construction is the worlds second largest industry (Andrew Rink, ENR, September 2018) and yet engineering is one of the hardest sectors to automate and some construction activities are most susceptible to automation (Kaplan, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Oxford University Press, 2016).  McKinsey and Company stated that engineering and construction are behind the curve in implementing artificial intelligence solutions (Jose Luis Blanco, AI: Construction technology’s next frontier’, April 2018).  This presentation is a summary of the opportunities for the E&C industry and was presented at an AI Forum that was organized at the University of Calgary in 2019. AI Engineering and Construction 18June19 Final